VSETT 9+ Rear Motor

The Original VSETT 8.5 Inch Motor with Detachable Hub Ring, exclusively designed for the VSETT 9+ electric scooters. This high-performance motor brings power, reliability, and versatility to your electric scooter riding experience.

Crafted with precision using a combination of high-quality materials including aluminium alloy, copper, and steel, this motor ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Its robust construction guarantees resilience to withstand the demands of daily commuting or adventurous rides.

With a weight of approximately 3,250g, this motor strikes a balance between power and portability. It provides optimal propulsion for your scooter, allowing you to effortlessly navigate various terrains and inclines while maintaining a comfortable and smooth ride.

The Original VSETT 8.5 Inch Motor features a nominal power of 48V 650W for the VSETT 9+ model. This impressive power output ensures swift acceleration, high torque, and excellent overall performance, allowing you to confidently tackle any urban or off-road riding situation.

Equipped with a 40mm magnetic steel height, this motor generates efficient power transfer, resulting in enhanced acceleration and improved energy efficiency. It enables you to enjoy longer rides while maximizing the battery life of your VSETT electric scooter.

Designed with the capability to accommodate a disc brake, this motor allows for easy installation and integration into your braking system. Enjoy reliable and responsive braking performance, ensuring your safety and control during your rides.

This motor suits for 8.5 inch pneumatic outer tyre (8.5*3/8.5*2.5/8.5*2) and corresponding inner tube, we recommend you to use 8.5*3 tyres.

Upgrade your VSETT 9+ electric scooter with the Original VSETT 8.5 Inch Motor with Detachable Hub Ring. Experience the perfect balance of power, reliability, and versatility as you embark on thrilling electric scooter adventures.

Trust in the exceptional performance and quality of the Original VSETT motor and elevate your riding experience to new heights.

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