VSETT 9/9+ Main Pole

The VSETT 9/9+ Main Tube – Constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy, this Main Tube strikes the ideal balance between strength and weight, ensuring a sturdy and lightweight component for your scooter.

Weighing approximately 1,293g, it provides a solid foundation while minimizing any unnecessary bulk, allowing you to maintain optimal maneuverability and control.

The VSETT 9/9+ Main Tube serves as the essential vertical rod and straight pole driving tube for your VSETT 9/9+ scooters, offering a seamless replacement option when needed. Engineered to seamlessly fit and integrate with your scooter's existing components.

Whether you're an avid scooter enthusiast or a casual rider, the VSETT 9/9+ Main Tube is designed to withstand the demands of everyday use, ensuring a reliable and safe riding experience. Trust in its exceptional build quality to provide enhanced stability and steering precision, allowing you to confidently navigate various terrains with ease.

Don't let a damaged or worn-out steering stem hinder your scooter's potential – replace it with the VSETT 9/9+ Main Tube today!

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