VSETT 9/9+ Gooseneck Front shim

Introducing the VSETT 9/9+ Front Shim – designed to enhance the stability of your VSETT 9/9+ electric scooter. This front shim is specifically engineered to connect the vertical main stem and deck, ensuring a secure and solid foundation for your ride.

Crafted with high-quality aluminium alloy, the VSETT 9/9+ Front Shim delivers exceptional strength and resilience. Its sturdy construction guarantees reliable performance, even under demanding conditions.

Weighing approximately 1,600g, this front shim strikes an ideal balance between strength and lightweight design, minimizing any additional burden on your electric scooter.

For optimal safety and stability, we recommend ensuring that all the screws are securely tightened before you embark on your ride. This precautionary step ensures a smooth and worry-free experience, allowing you to fully enjoy the exhilarating performance of your VSETT 9/9+.

Order yours today and experience unparalleled stability on your VSETT 9/9+ electric scooter.

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