VSETT 9/9+ Front LED light (White)

Introducing the VSETT 9/9+ Front LED Light, a premium accessory designed specifically for VSETT 9 and 9+ electric scooters. This front LED light offers exceptional illumination and functionality, enhancing your riding experience and ensuring safety on the road.

With its compact head measuring 8x22mm, this LED light bulb emits a powerful and focused white light beam, illuminating your path with clarity and precision. The 13mm thread length guarantees a secure and stable fit onto the front assembly of your VSETT scooter, ensuring durability even during bumpy rides.

Equipped with a 300mm cable, this front LED light provides flexibility in installation, allowing you to position it optimally for maximum visibility. Operating at approximately DC 12V, this light offers efficient power consumption, ensuring prolonged battery life for your scooter.

The VSETT 9/9+ Front LED Light in White delivers a clear and bright illumination, enhancing your safety during night rides or low-light conditions. Weighing only 10g, this lightweight accessory adds minimal extra weight to your scooter, maintaining its agility and performance.

The included 3-pin wires in the lamp's cable are specifically designed for VSETT scooters. The red and black wires are used for transmitting electrical energy, similar to other e-scooter lights. Additionally, the yellow wire serves as a dedicated blinker, providing a unique function exclusive to the VSETT series. To ensure proper functionality, a 3-pin dedicated VSETT DC converter is required.

Upgrade your VSETT 9 or 9+ electric scooter with the VSETT 9/9+ Front LED Light in White and enjoy enhanced visibility and safety during your rides. Choose a reliable and specially designed accessory that perfectly complements your VSETT scooter. Ride with confidence and style with VSETT.

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