VSETT 8+/9 communication cable

Introducing the VSETT 8+/9+ Communication Cable, your go-to solution for seamless connectivity and enhanced communication between vital components of your VSETT 8+ or 9+ electric scooter. This communication cable is designed to provide reliable signal transmission and ensure optimal performance during your rides.

The communication cable comes equipped with three ends, each serving a specific purpose to enhance your scooter's functionality. One is dedicated to the brake power off cable, establishing a secure connection between your scooter's braking system and the power supply. This connection guarantees responsive and efficient braking, ensuring your safety on the road.

Another is to connect the dual or single switch, allowing you to easily activate and control the motor and horn from your handlebars. This feature ensures that you can audibly alert others of your presence, enhancing overall safety during your rides.

The communication cable also features a connection to the escooter display/throttle. This connection enables seamless communication between the display and throttle, providing accurate feedback and control over your scooter's speed and settings.

For easy installation and compatibility, the cable features eleven pins specifically designed to connect to the scooter's controller. This secure connection guarantees stable and reliable communication between all components, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride every time.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and efficient communication system, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of riding.

Please note that installation should be performed by a professional or someone with a good understanding of electrical connections. Improper installation may affect performance or lead to safety risks.

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