VSETT 8/8+ Rear Suspension

The VSETT 8/8+ Rear Suspension; a revolutionary addition to elevate your scooter's performance and comfort. Engineered with precision, this rear suspension features a model utilizing a mould coil spring for exceptional shock absorption.

Crafted from a sturdy and durable steel alloy, this rear suspension ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. With a compact size of 75x35mm and weighing only 271g, it seamlessly integrates into your scooter's design without compromising its agility.

The VSETT 8/8+ Rear Suspension boasts an adjustable hybrid design, combining the benefits of both a mould coil spring and PU (polyurethane). This hybrid system provides superior shock absorption, enabling you to tackle various terrains with ease. Experience enhanced stability and comfort as you glide over bumps and uneven surfaces.

Featuring a diameter of 17.5mm, the hole of this front suspension accommodates easy installation and compatibility with VSETT scooters. Ensure a secure and reliable connection for optimal performance.

Please note that when adjusting the spring, it is important not to make big range adjustments to prevent it from becoming loose. Follow the recommended adjustment range for optimal suspension performance and safety.

With its coil spring design, adjustable hybrid system, and durable steel alloy construction, this shock absorber guarantees optimal comfort and control. Take on any road with confidence and enjoy a smooth, balanced ride.

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