VSETT 8/8+/9/9+ Light module

The VSETT 8/8+/9/9+ Light Module with 12V DC Converter.

With the VSETT Light Module, you can easily illuminate your scooter for added safety and visibility during nighttime adventures. Whether you're commuting through dimly lit streets or exploring the city after sunset, this module ensures you'll always be seen, making your rides safer and more enjoyable.

Equipped with a 12V DC Converter, this light module is designed to seamlessly integrate with your VSETT 8, 8+, 9, or 9+ electric scooter. The converter allows you to power the lights efficiently and effectively, making sure they shine bright without draining your scooter's battery excessively.

Follow the connecting guide included in the product images to connect the light module correctly. The guide provides clear instructions, making it easier for you to complete the installation process.

The VSETT Light Module features durable construction, built to withstand the rigors of daily scooter usage.

Stay visible, stay safe!

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