VSETT 11+ Fender

The VSETT fender is the perfect accessory to shield your electric scooter from mud, water, and the elements. Specifically designed for the VSETT 11+ model, this fender offers superior protection and is a must-have accessory, especially during rainy weather conditions.

The fender is constructed using high-quality materials. The main fender is made of durable ABS, known for its impact resistance and longevity. The bracket, which provides sturdy support, is crafted from steel, ensuring stability and reliability.

Despite its sturdy construction, the rear fender remains lightweight, weighing approximately 306g. This lightweight design contributes to the overall balance and maneuverability of your scooter.

Measuring at 260110mm (LW), the VSETT 11+ Fender provides ample coverage to effectively prevent mud and water from splashing out. With a hole-to-hole distance of 180mm and a height from bottom to top of 170mm (based on manual measurement), this fender offers a precise fit and proper alignment on your scooter.

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