VSETT 10+ Foot Rest

The Upgraded Rear Plate for VSETT 10+, a premium accessory crafted with precision from high-quality aluminium alloy. Weighing approximately 1780g, this rear plate offers enhanced durability and stability for your VSETT 10+ electric scooter.

Unlike the previous model that consisted of separate upper and lower parts fixed together with screws, the new integrated design is carved from a single piece of CNC-machined aluminium alloy. This improvement significantly reduces the risk of loosening, ensuring a secure and reliable rear plate.

Installation and adjustment of this rear plate require a high level of hands-on ability. It is especially important to exercise caution when removing original small screws. If you encounter any difficulties during the installation process, we advise seeking assistance from a professional mechanic.

Before embarking on your ride, ensure that all screws are securely tightened. Upgrade your VSETT 10+ electric scooter with the Upgraded Rear Plate, designed to enhance performance and reliability. Invest in this premium accessory for a superior riding experience.

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