Vsett 11+ Tyre 90 x 65 - 6.5

Our exceptional scooter tyres are crafted using superior-grade butyl rubber for unrivaled performance. Engineered with a focus on lightweight design, these scooter tyres offer a remarkable balance between durability and agility. Whether you're navigating bustling city roads or exploring off-road terrains, our scooter tyres guarantee optimal performance and safety.

This pneumatic tyre measure 11 inch, 90/65-6.5 with an outer diameter of 260mm and feature an inner diameter of 162mm. With a width of 97mm, these tyres strike the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability. Weighing in at just 1,100g, they contribute to a lighter overall scooter weight, allowing for effortless handling.

Moreover, our scooter tyres exhibit outstanding high-temperature performance, making them an essential component for your scooter. They effortlessly withstand varying weather conditions and demanding environments, ensuring a reliable and smooth ride every time.

To complement the outer tyre, the inner tube boasts a valve degree of 90° and a weight of only 136g. This lightweight construction reduces rotational mass, optimizing energy efficiency and enhancing overall performance.

Safety is our top priority, which is why our scooter tyres are designed to handle heavy loads. With a maximum load capacity of 190kg at 350kPa (50 psi), these tyres provide the stability and durability necessary for worry-free rides.

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