VSETT 11+ Electric Scooter

Enjoy the host of innovations featured on this next-gen e-scooter from VSETT 

  • Dual 1500w motors
  • 60V 31.2AH / 42AH Li-ion battery
  • Max range up to 220 kilometers
  • Front spring suspension, rear hydraulic suspension
  • Front LED headlight, dual headlight, and taillight, rear brake light, front and rear turn signals
  • Easy 2 step folding ability
  • IP54 Water Resistant 
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Experience The City
Your Way

The VSETT 11+ is a beast! It's fast, durable, and offers a range of unique features and specs that will have the mouths of scooter enthusiasts watering.

The VSETT 11+ boasts dual 1500 watt motors and can deliver plenty of power and speed very swiftly. When the VSETT 11+ is put into sports mode, the tyres squeal as soon as the throttle is pulled which ticks the box for satisfying any adrenalin junkie. The VSETT 11+ has been expertly crafted to combine 2 types of suspensions which makes for an extremely comfortable ride even at high speeds. The design, well let's say it's aggressive. Featuring a bright headlight, unique tyre hugger to prevent splash-ups and colour scheme that surely stands out from the crowd.

The VSETT 11+ is at it's top game. Its an all terrain, head turning powerful beast. Get yours now!


60V 31.2 AH (LG)

60V 42.0 AH (LG)

Top Speed

25kph - Restricted Under
Australian Law

Dual Mode: 70-75KMH - Private
Property Use Only*

Sport Mode:80-85KMH - Private Property
Use Only"*

Max Range

Single Motor: 160KM / 220KM

Dual Motors: 80KM / 110KM


With an immense range, eye popping look and feel, and the ability to add a 2-minute injection of speed-enhancing Turbo Boost to your drivetrain, the VSETT 11+ is a character-filled addition to the e-scooter market. As the top dog in this new generation, the VSETT 11+ delivers blistering performance, incredible stability and design in one amazing package.

Powerful LED headlight

Cut through the gloom and view long range like never before. The VSETT 11+ features the brightest headlight, turning signals and taillights than any other on the market. Night riding has never look better!

Choose your path
and ride!

Put your trust on the highest class of premium brand which guarantees the most extreme experiences! With dual 1500W the VSETT 11+ is the king in its market for power. Switch between the scooter's Eco and Sport modes or press the "Turbo Boost" button to Inject 5Ah more power for 2-Minutes of Rocket Fuel. VSETT 11+ is not a toy. It’s an engineering masterpiece created for the most demanding clients who want only the best.

Double trouble with Dual 1500W motors

Feed the adrenalin with the two powerful brushless engines each with a power of 1500W (3000W peak) which can accelerate the VSETT 11+ up to 85km/h. 

Note all VSETT models are capped to 25km/h to abide by Australian standards and range is determined upon riders weight.


Battery 60V 31.2 AH (LG)

Battery 60V 42.0 AH (LG)

11” * 4” Tyres - Front & rear pneumatic

Front and rear hydraulic brakes

Charging time

5 – 10 hr / 6 – 12. 5 hr / 7 – 14 hr

Max Range

Single Motor: 160KM / 220KM

Dual Motors: 80KM / 110KM

Top Speed RESTRICTED 25kph

Dual Mode: 70-75KMH

Sport Mode: 80-85KMH

Motor Power 60V, 2 x

1500W Brushless Motors Controller 60 volt (40–45 A) * 2

Weight 58 kg

Front and rear hydraulic suspension

LED lights + double LED headlights and taillights + brake lights + front and rear turn signals

Max User Weight 

150 kg

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