Being a VSETT owner is more than buying an electric scooter. VSETT owners are particular types of people that value quality, fine workmanship, leading-edge design, solid performance and seek the advice and knowledge of experts. VSETT owners get the entire package and are true enthusiasts that don’t settle for 2nd!

Thank you for your purchase, and welcome to the VSETT AUSTRALIA community.

As a new VSETT owner, we want you to get the most out of your experience with us. Please make sure you follow the below steps to stay connected and help to service you better.


1. Have you registered your scooter?

Registering your scooter with VSETT Australia is a quick and easy process. It helps us to protect your purchase and keep all your details for warranty purposes. It also makes sure you stay up to date with knowledge of upgrades, repairs and service announcements along your journey. It’s one of the most important steps all VSETT owners do. Head to our “Register your scooter” page and stay connected now.


 2. Have you joined our VSETT owners Facebook page?

“Club VSETT’ is filled with members of the VSETT community and is a space to share rides, tips, tricks and chat about all things scooters with other VSETT owners. The VSETT team also send updates, news and events to our club VSETT members first. It’s pretty cool to be a part of the VSETT community. Click here to join now.


3. Have you left us a review?

The VSETT team highly values every review. As a VSETT owner, we would love to share your experience and tell others how you think we went. Leave us a review on Google or add it to our product. Thank you in advance for your time.


4. MOST IMPORTANT… Are you wearing a helmet and having fun?!? VSETT scooter life is great but we care about your safety. Whether your VSETT is for everyday commuting, a convenient and eco means of transport, used for leisure rides or high adrenalin tricks and fun. However your journey looks, please be safe before you ride and wear a helmet... everything looks better on a VSETT.


 😊. Have fun and ride safe!