Awareness Announcement for VSETT 9 and 9+

Awareness Announcement for VSETT 9 and 9+


Dear VSETT Customer,

VSETT Australia has learned that some models of the VSETT 9 & 9+ can develop a crack on the underside of the neck; especially on units that have been used to jump or that have experienced high impacts on the front wheel. If not addressed, this crack can grow to the point of fracture.

The VSETT factory made a design change to address this but, some VSETT 9 & 9+ models in the field have the old design.

VSETT recommends that, prior to using the scooter again, customers Inspect the neck of the scooter.

Date September 29, 2021


SUBJECT: Inspection – Neck between deck and steering headset.

Pictures A & B show the old design. The old design has radiused notches where the uppermost screws for the wiring cover are attached.

To inspect, remove cover (#1) by removing the 6 hex socket screws (#2). Using bright light, Inspect the area where the arrow points In Picture B.

PICTURE A (Remove Cover)      


PICTURE B (Inspect here)         


PICTURE C (New Design)



NOTE: Picture C shows the new design where the “notch” has been improved, improving the strength of the neck.


Please contact if a crack is found or if you have any questions.